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Combination Welder

Combination Welder
This program prepares students to use manual shielded metal arc welding, gas metal arc welding, flux core arc welding, and gas tungsten arc welding in welding of heavy steel structures, steel piping, and aluminum, as well as manual oxyfuel and plasma arc cutting, and computer programmed plasma arc cutting. Students will also learn to read welding blueprints and drawings, and be introduced to basic metallurgy and how it affects the welding process. Once a high school student has completed the Basic Welder program, they continue their welding education in the Combination Welder program and receive 525 hours of Prior Learning Credit.


Direct-Teacher Led Class
SOC Code: 51-4121.00


Application Process

Tuition Waiver

College Credit



OSHA 10-General Industry
DOL Oklahoma Welder Certification
Forklift Training (must be 18 or over at time of training)


SMAW 1 120
Fabrication and Career Readiness 120
GMAW / FCAW Welding 120
GTAW Welding 120
Pipe 1 120
Pipe 2 120
SMAW 2 120
Fundamentals of Welding 120




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Clint Chew, BAgrED